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031911 Filton Table-Finish 066
031911 Filton Table-Finish 008
111310 Filton Finished 007_edited
111310 Filton Finished 006_edited
031911 Filton Table-Finish 016
031911 Filton Table-Finish 038
Filton Table-Finish 043
031911 Filton Table-Finish I_edited
031911 Filton Table-Finish 049
031711 Filton LR 1_edited
Morgan-Photos of accident 021_edited

Happiness is getting what you want instead of what you find.

Beautifully situated sixth floor flat on Rittenhouse square was chosen for its sunset views just above the tree line.

A Delaware County empty nesters looking for a contemporary designer statement to entice weekend getaways in the city.

Mostly full height glass windows frame a custom dining table designed by Morgan to accommodate ten when necessary.

Guest bedrooms and multi purpose den designed to accommodate friends and family. 

Custom made dining table by MDLtd takes the center space. A solid steel base was fabricated by Phillips metal and finished locally in Nickel Plating Topped off with a nine foot Ruby red quartz stone.

title. furniture planning custom dining table

date. 2011

city. phila pa

size. under 1000 sf

the parc

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